Venue Information


Kei Fu offers organized, bright and different kinds of conference rooms, classrooms and operational spaces for large-scale gatherings, small meetings, culinary presentations, sharing sessions, private kitchen cooking, cooking classes, and backend kitchen training. All are equipped with independent sinks and faucets, allowing students to immediately have the chance to try their learning.

Kei Fu has a variety of independent spaces located near highway, a prime choice if you are looking for convenient and professional venue rental

Opening Hours


Venue Equipment

Culinary Art Classroom (A2-1 Area): three-layer oven, fermentation machine, refrigerator, projector 

Conference Room A (A2-2 Area): projector

Meeting Room B (A2-3 Area): projector 

Lobby (A3-1 Area): projector 

Rental Instructions

  1. After visiting KeiFu in person, or confirm by venue rental phone, please fill out the "Rental Contract" 15 days before the event and return it to us. Pay the deposit (30% of the rent) seven days before the event, to ensure the venue is was reserved. The balance of 70% should be settled by cash or remittance on the day of the event.
  2. If you are unable to use the venue for any reason, please notify us by email 4~7 days before the event, and you may extend your right to use the venue (but only within 3 months); however, if you cancel the rental three days before the event, the deposit will not be refunded (30% of the venue rental fee).
  3. Please refrain from going beyond the time limit for the venue to avoid affecting the rights of other subsequent lessees. Please inform us in advance if you need to extend your time; you may purchase the additional time after obtaining management approval. However, the latest departure time every day is at 21:00. Please refer to the fee schedule for the overtime fee.
  4. The venue may be flexibly rearranged as needed. If you need to change the configuration (any large layout, advertisement display, posting of posters...), please inform us three days before the event. After you have obtained the management’s consent, you may start to rearrange the venue according to your needs. Do not drill holes or placed adhesive tapes or other attached materials on the walls, beams or columns.
  5. The classrooms are all equipped with professional facilities and equipment, please use them with care. Lessees shall be responsible for any damages that may occur. Lessees are responsible for cleaning the venue, segregating trash, and restoring the venue to its original condition after the event.
  6. Please keep your personal belongings safe. The Company will not be responsible for any compensation or safe keeping.
  7. The classroom is only available for on-the-day lessees. Please keep your voices down to avoid disturbing the tranquility of the building. 
  8. The lessee may not arbitrarily change the purpose or privately sublease the venue to another person or group; no illegal activities shall occur inside the venue. If the lessee fails to abide by the rules of the venue, the Company has the right to terminate the lease and not refund any fees paid.
  9. Kei Fu has the right to the final decision on the rental, modification, and use of the venue. 

Fee Computation


Usage Type

Rental Venue/AreaCulinary Art Classroom
(A2-1 Area)
Conference Room A
(A2-2 Area)
Meeting Room B
(A2-3 Area)
(A3-1 Area)
Around 40 pingAround 20 pingAround 10 pingAround 150 ping
 30 people30 people10 people80 people
Rental TimeMorning 09:00-12:00
Afternoon 14:00-17:00
Evening 18:00-21:00
Fee Computation 
Weekdays (Mondays to Fridays)NT.4,500/3hrNT.1,000/1hrNT.1,000/1hrNT.2,000/1hr
Weekends (Saturdays/Sundays)NT.5,400/3hrNT.1,200/1hrNT.1,200/1hrNT.2,400/1hr
Evenings (after 18:00)NT.6,750/3hrNT.1,500/1hrNT.1,500/1hrNT.1,500/1hr
Overtime Fee NT.1,500/1hrNT.1,000/1hrNT.1,000/1hrNT.2,000/1hr


  1. The above quotes include tax.
  2. During the rental period, Kei Fu shall arrange for a personnel to be on site to provide the necessary assistance. 
  3. After using the venue, be sure to remove all food ingredients, food, tools and utensils, decorative items, and removed them after the end of the activity.