• 蘋果特級濃糖果露 2.5KG
    蘋果特級濃糖果露 2.5KG 2.5KG
  • 一口餃 約200粒 1.4KG
    一口餃 約200粒 1.4KG 1.4KG±1.5%
  • 燒仙草 3KG
    燒仙草 3KG 3KG±5%
  • 索皮諾三代咖啡 500g
    索皮諾三代咖啡 500g 500g
  • 桂花釀蜜風味糖漿 2.5KG
    桂花釀蜜風味糖漿 2.5KG 2.5KG








The logo of KEIFU evolved from the infinity symbol.

The graphic design integrates the concepts of a fork and a spoon.
This symbolizes the business’s main items of operation as centering around food and dining. In addition, this logo also indicates an expectation of developing into a company that boasts infinite creativity and can provide a wide variety of products and services.

The oval-shaped logo is intended to convey a feeling of stability, bringing customers a sense of trustworthiness and safety. The red color represents fervor in service and a joyous atmosphere, which we hope will give customers a sense of enthusiasm, vitality and joy.






2000 「開信食品原料行」創立
Kai Shin Foods established.
2006 合併「開雄食品有限公司」(1990年創立)
Merger with “Kai shyong Foods Co., Ltd.” (established in 1990)
2006 開富食品原物料外銷市場
Launched exporting food ingredients to foreign markets.
2007 合併水巷茶弄精緻茶飲連鎖
Merger with Teaplus.
2007 成立「水巷茶弄餐飲事業有限公司」
Teaplus Food & Beverage Service Co., Ltd. Established.
2010 全台灣水巷茶弄門市達百家
Number of Teaplus retailers in Taiwan reached 100.
2012 重置企業品牌識別系統,總部正式更名為「開富食品國際有限公司」
Corporate identity system reconfigured and headquarters officially renamed as “Kei Fu Foods Co., Ltd.”
2013 興建總部營運大樓,總部正式遷址
New operation headquarter building built, headquarters officially relocated.
2013 開富品保室籌建完成,進駐專業品保人員,提升企業食品衛生規格
Construction on KEIFU QA facility completed and professional quality assurance personnel placed in order to improve food product sanitation standards for the company.
2013 成立樂客來食品原料暢貨中心
KEIFU retail operations expanded. Food ingredients outlet “Lucky Line” established.
2014 加盟連鎖與自創品牌整體規劃
Franchising Consolidation Planning.
2014 與高雄社會局共同舉辦第一屆「樂客來公益日」
Organize ”Lucky Line Publice l” with Social Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung.
2015 通過ISO 22000與HACCP國際食品認證
ISO 22000 and HACCP International Certification.
2015 拓展水巷茶弄海外代理
Expanded the business territory of chain brand,Su-Ahou China, Singapore and the UK.


開富食品國際有限公司於2012年,因應企業的擴張、轉型發展需求,走向國際市場及吸引海外客戶,開信食品著手進行企業品牌識別系統(Corporate Identity System)的建立,亦正式更名為「開富食品國際有限公司」。


Brief Introduction to KEIFU

Kei Fu Foods Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 as Kei Shin Foods and was later renamed to KEIFU. We started in a small three-story building of 26 pings and today occupy an operations headquarter of 1,600 pings. We have always made reliability a part of our success. Kei Shin entered into the food ingredient business with one boss, one worker, and one building when it was established at the outset.

As a result of business expansion, the increase in domestic and foreign sales orders, as well as the necessary corporate transformation for sustainable development, we created an internationalization strategy for entering the global market and attracting overseas customers. On top of that, we commenced a corporate identity system and changed our name officially to “Kei Fu Foods Co., Ltd.”

Kei Fu Foods Co., Ltd. Headquarters

“Quality and integrity” have been our highest guiding principles both internally and externally. “Prosperity through reliability” is the motto based on our founder Mrs. Li Yueying’s great expectation for the future. From simple retail mode to today’s integrated sales service, from regional operations to the company’s present globalization strategy, KEIFU has persisted in upholding an unyielding spirit in the face of challenges in making its way to a completely new business system.



We uphold the spirit of prosperity through reliability. For this reason, the interests of each customer are extremely important to KEIFU. In 2013, we completed construction on our quality assurance facility and employed expert quality assurance personnel to oversee items such as the selection of all ingredients, new product research and development, and quality control in process. Throughout quality assurance, KEIFU does its best to provide high quality and reliable products. Our incomparable effort in operation and perseverance in quality maintenance have made KEIFU the most trusted business partner for customers from start to finish.